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5 Vital Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy Before Your Wedding

Tying the knot is one of the most significant milestones of one’s life and the days leading to your big day are some of the most exhilarating yet nerve-racking ones. There are a million things to worry about your special day starting from choosing the right wedding dress and the most click-worthy bouquet to dreadful stuff like forgetting the vows or tripping on the aisle.

This means there are quite a few things that may fall aside when it comes to your big day. But there is one thing that you can’t afford to lose sight of at this time and that happens to be your health.

So here are a few things that will help to keep you healthy by enhancing your immunity and thus, keeping sickness at bay. Just read on.

  • Simplicity is Bliss – You should enjoy every second of the process and not to put too much on the plate. Though it is true that it will be awesome if you prepare an inventive dinner each night by finding items while you casually stroll through the farmer’s market but ultimately this would create unnecessary stress. That is why you should try to keep the food simple, have left-overs and purchase pre-chopped veggies. You should be focusing on de-bloating and easy-to-make foods while getting ready for the wedding day and restrict the amount of stress factors.


  • Get Ample Rest – Almost all the time, you hear this advice but how many of us really have the stipulated eight hours of sleep on the reg! It is true that deep down sleep is essential for our health. Many people think that they can catch up on the sleep in the weekends but keep it in mind that sleep is a daily rhythm and you should go to sleep and wake up the same time every day for staying fit.
  • Meditate – For effective distressing, you must ensure that you take out a few minutes each day for meditation. This should be a peaceful or Zen time for you and you should make it such a habit that your morning or nights should not be complete without it. At the time when you meditate the cortisol level decreases and that, in turn, helps to reduce your belly fats. Keep it in mind that you will be able to take care of others only when you take care of yourself in the proper way. So it is completely worth it, if once on a day you keep your phone switched off and peek into your inner self.
  • Commit to Fitness – Fitness happens to be an indispensable factor that contributes to your good looks. Not only that, it also helps you to stay healthy. It is true that exercising during sickness is not recommended but if you exercise regularly, your overall immunity gets boosted by strengthening your bacteria-fighting immune system cells. This makes you more resistant towards flus and colds.The above are some of the vital tips that you should try for staying fit and healthy prior to your wedding so that you can enjoy every bit of the process and look fabulous on your big day.
  • Get Sufficient Amount of Protein –Carbs and proteins both have 4 calories per gram, but protein is much more satisfying or filling. This implies that you will be less likely to be inclined towards the unhealthy foods when you include the lean proteins into your regular diets. So you can opt for oats as breakfasts or go for fruit delicacies like a mango smoothie that can stimulate your taste buds and also enhance your health quotient to a great extent.
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5 Reasons Why Every American Should Drink Matcha Tea for Health

Drink just one cup a day of matcha tea to increase energy, lose weight and protect your health.

Looking for a simple way to improve your energy and overall health? Just one cup a day of matcha green tea could be the answer.

Matcha is becoming increasingly well known in the western world for it’s incredible health benefits. Matcha is a type of green tea. It is the whole tea leaf which has been ground into a powder. This tea is equal to 10 cups of standard green tea bags in terms of antioxidants. The reason is because using matcha, you ingest the whole tea leaf compared to just the brewed water. To drink matcha, you simply dissolve ½ a teaspoon into hot water which forms a delicious green tea.

The antioxidants in matcha help to increase energy, boost weight-loss and prevent disease. Read on for the top five reasons you should be drinking matcha green tea for your health.

Benefit #1: Matcha Increases Energy

Your energy level is so important because it underpins everything you do in life. If you are not energized you will not have the ability to achieve your goals or be your best self.

Matcha tea is a great source of sustainable long-lasting energy. Just one cup of matcha will boost your energy for 6-8 hours while also increasing your focus, memory, and concentration.

Why? Matcha contains a small amount of caffeine and the largest concentration of amino acid L-theanine. Together these substances will stimulate alertness and enhance the Alpha waves in the brain promoting deep concentration.

Benefit #2: Matcha Helps with Weight-Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight can be hard with all the unhealthy food and drink choices available. It’s important to maximize the ability of your body to burn fat and metabolize food.

Matcha is not only a zero calorie, no-chemical and sugar-free healthy drink option but it also helps you lose weight by naturally boosting metabolism.

Research studies show that matcha helps raise the body’s ability to burn fat by up to 45%. Matcha also helps regulate the hormone Leptin which makes you feel full and keeps hunger at bay. Additionally, the amino acids in matcha help prevent all the fat from your diet being absorbed in the body. And it’s stress-busting properties help reduce stubborn midsection fat.

A daily cup of matcha can help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Benefit #3: Matcha has Disease Fighting Antioxidants

Just one serving of matcha tea delivers half your daily antioxidant needs. Matcha has the highest antioxidant score of any naturally occurring product. It has 10 X the antioxidants of normal green tea leaves.

Antioxidants are produced by the body and absorbed from our diet. They are an important defense mechanism against disease. They remove harmful agents that are produced in our body through our everyday exposure to chemicals and toxins. Matcha has a particularly powerful antioxidant called EGCg. This antioxidant is known to help prevent the cellular DNA damage that causes cells to rapidly multiply which can lead to cancer forming and spreading.

Drinking matcha can help your body stay healthy and can change the odds when it comes to diseases.

Benefit #4: Matcha Supports the Immune System & Reduces Inflammation

Matcha tea is a huge support to your body’s immune system and can help reduce inflammation.

The antioxidants in matcha increase your body’s production of T-Cells which fight pathogens and reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

Furthermore, matcha green tea contains high levels of both flavonoids and antioxidants which form a powerful antibacterial defense force. The flavonoids eliminate bad breath, kill off bacteria from viruses/infections and can soothe a sore throat.

Stay healthy throughout the year and fight away the common colds with a daily cup of matcha.

Benefit #5: Matcha Helps Prevent Heart Disease

In 2017 heart disease was the leading cause of death for Americans. While this is concerning, the good news is that heart disease is preventable.

One thing everyone can do is to manage their cholesterol levels. Research studies have shown that drinking green tea daily has a positive impact on lowering bad cholesterol while keeping good cholesterol untouched. And as one cup of matcha green tea is the equivalent to 10 cups of standard green tea in terms of antioxidants, an easy way to manage cholesterol levels is by drinking just one matcha a day.

Green tea has also been linked to helping treat high blood pressure as it inhibits the chemical ACE being secreted by the kidneys. This chemical is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.

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Top Benefits of Almonds You Must Know

Almonds are the oldest and most widely grown nuts in the world. Incorporating them into your diet will add value to your total wellness and this piece tends to expose the great benefits you can derive from doing this.

Almonds contain healthy fats that give your body the necessary energy and fuel it needs for daily activities. It is important to note that not all fat makes you fat. There are bad fats like trans fats (found in fried, fatty foods) which are not that good for the body. But there are good ones that are very essential for your survival and wellbeing.

Furthermore, eating almonds lowers your risk of having a heart attack. They help in reducing bad cholesterol levels and prevent dangerous blood clotting. They contain flavonoids which prevent the artery wall from damage and work with other vitamins to boost the cardiovascular system. Research shows that the consumption of nuts at least five times every week reduces the risk having a heart attack by 50%.

It has also been proved that almonds help in keeping the blood sugar levels regulated and prevent the insulin from spiking when they are taken after meals. They are a great snack for those who want to stay away from sugary, processed foods. They can also help you to reduce your craving for sugary snacks if you take them during the day.

In addition, almonds contain phosphorus which is very essential in building as well as maintaining strong bones and phosphorus also helps in strengthening your teeth. Almonds are also good for your brain. They contain vitamin E, riboflavin and L-carnitine which are nutrients that help in maintaining cognitive abilities through aging. They boost the overall brain activity and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

It is generally agreed that diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, hence, your body needs to be slightly more alkaline than acidic and maintaining this pH is very vital for feeling good and living free of illness. The good news here is that almonds are one of the only nuts that have an alkalizing effect on your body.

Almonds can be taken raw, soaked and in powdery form. Their oil is well-known in ayurvedic cooking because of its smoothness and soft flavour. Their flour is a great alternative for cooking as well as baking because it bakes more easily and has a great taste. Their milk can also be an alternative for you if you really need to stay away from animal milk.

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8 Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water has the potential to offer the body a wide range of positive health benefits. This type of water is made by changing the composition of standard tap water. This is achieved with a water ionizer which creates a reaction in the water through electrolysis or by using a magnesium stick. Let’s take a look at a few of the most promising benefits:

Anti-aging properties

A very appealing quality of hydrogen water is the potential to significantly slow the development of wrinkles. The increased hydrogen in the water has the positive effect of suppressing the reactive oxygen species, which will benefit the body’s anti-aging properties.

Great for thirst

A regular drink of hydrogen water is the most effective way to up the body’s intake of hydrogen. This chemical element is a lot more effective at increasing the hydration level in the body compared to drinking plain bottled water. In fact, it is nearly six times more effective at satisfying your thirst.

Improved absorption

Drinking hydrogen water has the potential to make the body more effective at absorbing daily supplements. Plus, the body will be more efficient at absorbing food based nutrients compared to drinking regular bottled water.

Muscles and joints

This water is appreciated for its ability to lubricate the muscles and joints. It is particularly useful for those with painful or swollen joints, and can help people suffering with the first stages of arthritis.

Brain function

A proper intake of water is essential to make sure the brain is able to fully function as intended. With the proper hydration, the brain is able to function at optimal levels, which means improved memory, increased alertness, improved focus and reduced confusion.

Remove impurities

It is very effective at removing impurities from the body. Also, it has the ability to greatly improve the quality of the body’s organs and cells.

Blood pressure

Hydrogen water is useful for maintaining the all-round performance of the body which includes regulating your blood pressure. Hypertension is a typical problem for those that are significantly dehydrated.

Hydrates the skin

It will naturally hydrate the skin. Without the proper hydration the skin can soon start to sag and appear flaky. A regular intake of water is necessary to maintain the best quality skin condition. Hydrogen water is believed to be the most effective option to hydrate the body and maintain the fresh and healthy looking skin.

Overall, a proper intake of water means your body and heart does not need to work so hard and therefore critical to your all-round health and well-being.

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6 Useful Ways to Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential nutrient that our body demands. It is necessary for virtually every bodily function, such as carrying oxygen to the cells, lubricating joints, removing waste and regulating body temperature. Without a proper intake of water you can soon start to get dehydrated, which means you start to feel moody, dizzy and fatigued.

Beyond drinking a glass of plain tap or bottled water, there are many different alternative options to stay hydrated, such as water-rich fruits and vegetables. Let’s take a look at a few of the water-rich fluid and food sources that can easily help to maintain the H2O level:


Watermelon is made up of nearly 92% water, which makes it a great option to quench the thirst. Its magnesium, calcium and salt content make it very effective at rehydration. Also, this fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.


A typical celery stalk is made up of about 95% water to make it a very convenient option to up the water intake. Plus, it is rich in minerals, such as vitamin K and potassium, as well as having a useful amount of fiber.


Strawberries are a further a tasty treat that keeps you hydrated. The water content is in the region of 92%. They are also loaded with vitamin C and fiber to give a very healthy and refreshing summer snack.

Skim or fat-free milk

Milk is well-known for its calcium content that helps to maintain the healthy bone density. But, it is also a very practical option to hydrate after physical exercise. As an after exercise drink, skim or fat-free milk can be more effective for rehydration than sports drinks or water.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a great choice to up the fluid intake. It is not only helpful to keep you hydrated, but also very healthy with its high potassium content and low carbohydrate content. Drinking coconut water is a practical choice after completing light exercise. However, it may not be so effective after the more intense workout session because it isn’t able to replenishing the salt naturally lost by the body.


The simple cucumber is a very healthy light snack that is certain to help you stay hydrated. It is made up of nearly 96% water to make it one of the most water-rich fruits and vegetables. Also, it contains a useful amount of iron, vitamin B6, vitamin K, and has no cholesterol or saturated fat.

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The Different Kinds of General Surgeries Offered at Hospitals

General surgery is a specialty, which focuses on different abdominal contents like the bile ducts, the appendix, the gallbladder, the pancreas, liver, colon, small bowel, stomach, and esophagus. Most times, it involves the thyroid gland, but this mainly depends on the referral patterns. General surgery also deals with different diseases that affect hernias, peripheral vascular surgery, trauma, soft tissue, breast, as well as skin. Procedures like colonoscopy and gastroscopy are also included here.

The scope

Trauma surgery

In many locations, the responsibility for trauma care usually falls under general surgery. There are surgeons who obtain more training to offer critical care. The general surgeons should be in a position to handle all sorts of surgical emergencies. They are often called so as to handle patients who are injured critically or those that are very ill. They are required to perform different procedures so as to stabilize the patients. They should be able to do thoracotomy, emergency laparotomy, compartment fasciotomies, cricothyroidotomy, and thoracostomy so as to staunch any bleeding. These are the people you will find in trauma or surgical intensive care units.

This area also covers emergency surgery like organ perforations, bowel obstructions, infections, and bleeding. Gallbladder removal is one of the surgical procedures that are very common all over the world. It has to be done electively. However, the gallbladder is at risk of being inflamed acutely and may require one to get an emergency operation. Other common emergencies include small bowel obstructions, rupture of the appendix, and infections in the appendix.

Laparoscopic surgery

This is a specialty that is new. It mainly deals with techniques for access where cameras, as well as small instruments, are inserted through small incisions. A lot is evolving from the concept such as robotic surgery. Colons, appendices, and gallbladders can actually be removed by application of the technique. Hernias can be repaired using the method. It is possible to perform bariatric surgery in this way and there are many benefits that are associated with this. They include the reduction of complications of surgical wounds, especially in the obese patients. It is important that the general surgeons be well trained in the area and proficient too.

Colorectal surgery

General surgery also deals with lots of minor and major rectal and colon diseases. This includes the inflammatory bowel diseases like Cohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Others are hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal bleeding, treat cancer, colon cancer, and diverticulitis.

Breast surgery

General surgery also handles lots of breast surgery that is non-cosmetic. This includes mastectomy all the way to lumpectomy. This usually pertains to the diagnosis, the evaluation and the treatment of cancer.

Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery is also a specialty of general surgery. However, for this one needs to have special training in the area. This area is usually handled by specialists. Most of the times, the general surgeons can actually handle the minor disorders.

There are many other areas covered by general surgery. These areas include endocrine surgery, transplant surgery, surgical oncologists, cardiothoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, and so on. Minimally invasive surgery has become prevalent in the present day. Robotic surgery has come with a lot of enthusiasm even though it is very costly.


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6 Things to Know Before Your Hip Replacement

The most unlucky moment of growing old is having our joints getting decayed. But on the other side, we are lucky that the technology in joint replacement has become so very advanced that having replacement surgery of hip has become a routine procedure.

According to studies, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 330,000 Americans undergo replacement of hip surgery every year. And to go on for to live more active and productive life. Joint decay can have a severe impact on a persons’ mobility and is extremely painful.

Earlier, hip replacement was not considered for people under the age of 60. But the advanced joint prosthesis made the procedure possible for anyone at any age for those who are experiencing joint problems caused by varying circumstances.

Though hip replacement surgery is nowadays considered a simplified procedure, one needs to be aware of few things before undergoing surgery. The six essential facts to be found are:

1. What happens during surgery for hip replacement?

In this surgery, it takes almost around 2 hours to get completed. The surgeon places the incision over the femur and hip and removes the cartilage, tissue, and compromised bone. The femur at the top is replaced with artificial metal or plastic object which in turn will allow the patients to resume normal activities without any pain eventually. There are many other surgeries to be performed by age, weight, and factors that are unique to each patient.

2. Who is the right candidate for hip replacement surgery?

There are plenty of reasons as to why people develop problems in their hips. The most common among them are injuries, or osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis that can cause premature deterioration of the hip joints. A persons’ age is never considered to be of much importance as far as their health state is concerned when it comes to having a hip replacement surgery. Well, in this procedure, the most successful people are those who do not wait until the joint deterioration is far too advanced.

3. What is the recovery period?

Every individual is different, but commonly, a hip replacement involves a 3-5 days hospital, and an approximately 3-6 month recovery period is required. Time frames depend upon overall health and on rehabilitation guidelines.

4. Do any complications arise during hip replacement surgery?

Today’s modern day surgical techniques, when combined with advanced artificial joint components exceptionally, reduced the likelihood of complications. The dislocation of joints remains one of the standard problems. Fake hip patients are advised to avoid certain positions of leg and movements during the rehabilitation period to help lower the risk of dislocation.

5. What exercises have to be done by the patient?

Once the rehabilitation process has started, a hip replacement beneficiary will need to perform some exercises to avoid stiffness and increase flexibility. Mostly, people who had very limited movability found that being able to exercise after mobility of hip joint will improve their overall health. Low impact movements and activities are best.

6. Any other alternatives to the surgery?

It depends on the amount of deterioration of the joint and other factors, where there can be an alternative to the hip replacement surgery. Some patients try to prefer physical therapy, anti-inflammatory and other medications to overcome the chronic pain, but when walking, driving and other activities become nearly impossible to perform, it is the correct time to perform surgery.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India

A hip replacement surgery cost in the US is around $39,000 whereas the same surgery in India is done at $6,500. The survival rate of 90% is found for the hip replacement surgery patient. Use of modern technological equipment’s and the medical facilities, all come at this price. This is the reason, why people across the globe are diverted to visit the country, India.


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10 Life Hacks for All

Are you feeling stressed out due to overwork? Have lost your focus on your work? That’s what happens when you don’t follow a proper healthy schedule and take a burden on yourself by delaying your work.

Here are some productivity hacks that will surely make your life easy and help speed up your efficiency.

1. Start your day with Exercise.

Exercises early in the morning can improve your productivity. It energizes you rather than enervate you. It also helps in reducing stress and increasing focus on your work. Prioritizing exercise in your daily routine will help you remain active and energetic.

2. Do a healthy Breakfast.

Breakfast like a King. Don’t ignore your breakfast by just taking a slice and a glass of juice or a cup of tea or coffee. A healthy breakfast energizes you a lot and you can work efficiently all day long. Drink 1 or 2 glass of water before breakfast. Add much proteins and carbohydrates to your food.

Moreover, drink plenty of water all day long to keep your body hydrated and take your meals regularly at the proper time to remain energetic.

3. Make your priority list.

Make a list of your to-do’s. Try to complete those tasks first which takes less time or do according to your temper. Usually completing small tasks first, make you feel satisfied and a kind of stress-free.

4. Turn off notifications.

Sometimes you get irritated by the continuous beeping of your mobile due to incoming notifications. It’s better to turn off notifications. Set specific times to check your emails. Don’t indulge yourself too much in social media because they distract you from your work and waste much of your time.

5. Learn to say “NO”

Saying “NO” is really hard for some people. Helping others is really great but to elevate your productivity level, you must learn to “Say No” and don’t let people order you all time.

6. Offer your Prayers regularly.

This act also gives you tranquillity and peace of mind. Through prayers, you share your thoughts and worries with ALLAH. This act takes away all your worries.

7. Use modern technologies.

Use advanced technologies. Download Apps of different sites to get rid of searching and logging in every time. Apps make work easier than ever and also keep up-to-date. Apps have made life easier.

8. Work near natural light.

Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight improves your sleep and hence productivity. So, if you work by sitting near a window, an open window is ideal, could enhance your efficiency and make you feel fresh. It’s really important for the entrepreneurs as they spend most of their time in front of the computer screen. Keep yourself as near to nature as you can.

9. Keep one day off limits.

It gives your mind and body a relax time. It energizes you for next week tasks. Don’t schedule any meetings or calls on that day. Spend that day with yourself and your loved ones. It will refresh you like you refresh your windows after work.

10. Make realistic goals.

Set realistic goals. Don’t be afraid of taking small steps first, they will lead you to a big success. If you want to master anything, take tutorials and follow it. You will definitely master it. Once you achieve your goals, create the new ones.

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A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body

All of us have heard of the famous saying “Health is Wealth”. Good health is a secret of every happy human being. Health can be the greatest wealth in the world. Health is the condition in which an individual becomes sound socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It implies that your body and mind should function as they are supposed to.

It can be referred to as a dynamic condition because it is always changing. It can change according to our lifestyle and surroundings. Over the years the lifestyle has changed due to multiple reasons which have led to ignoring the importance of health. It is essential for every human being to stay in good health. Health is not only concerned about your physical well-being but also your emotional well-being. To be called a healthy person one’s body, as well as their mind, should be functioning properly.

The ingredients for good health are a balanced diet, physical activity, sleep and adequate rest.

Benefits of being healthy:

• From child to adult health plays an essential role in proper development and growth of the mind and body.

• If you maintain a healthy lifestyle then your body becomes free from different types of disorders and illness leading to longer life expectancy.

• You tend to look more attractive when you are physically fit.

• For those who work being healthy can make you feel more energetic and you are able to carry out exhausting tasks without pushing yourself.

• A healthy individual does not avoid his duties as he is able to reach his full potential.

• As your mind is free from mental stress you are able to handle the daily chores at home, school, work etc. with a positive attitude making you more interested and improving the output of the task you do.

• Health has a huge impact on one’s overall performance and efficiency. With good health and sound mind, you will have a better control of your life.

Wrapping Up:

An individual with good health and sound mind fully enjoys the good things in his life. With sound mind, an individual can find motivation and strength to do his / her work. Stressful lifestyle and unhealthy habits can adversely affect one’s health both physically and mentally. Loss of good health can lead to loss of happiness in life. To maintain a one’s health, following a healthy lifestyle is essential. Proper lifestyle will lead to the adequate development and growth of one’s body which helps in keeping it mentally, physically, socially and spiritually healthy.

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Live a Healthy Lifestyle Easily

Good health is the gift of God. In this busy life, it is very difficult to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Which is the core of attaining the good health. There are a few things that can make your lifestyle a healthier lifestyle, hence helping you to get a good health. These include:

Diet / Nutrition

The very first and the most important thing in maintaining a good health is your diet. In general, dieting is considered as the eating of some specified foods. If you are not maintaining your diet no matter what exercise you do or what sport you play, you can’t have good health. Diet not only includes healthy eating but keeping it regular and having your meals at a specific time is an essential part of dieting and good nutrition.

Good nutrition includes intake of enough calories required by the body. This can be done by maintaining a moderate amount of essentials like proteins, carbohydrates, fats and liquid calories as well. Water plays a very important role in maintaining your shape (shape of your body). Besides that, water helps in cleansing your skin as well. Depending on the weather a normal human body requires at least 8 glasses of water. This required amount increases in the area where it is hotter.


Along with nutrition, sleep is also very important to have a good health. Good sleep can benefit your mind, heart, weight etc. It is the part of a good and healthier lifestyle which many of us ignore. If you are not having a good sleep you can face many issues like the disturbance in mood, having dark circle around your eyes (under-eye circles). It is highly recommended to have 6-8 hours’ sleep during 24 hours of the day.

A good sleep can be helpful in:

  • Maintaining good weight.
  • Having sharp attention.
  • Improving your memory.
  • Low stress


Exercise is also an essential part of your healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps you a lot in maintaining your weight, keeping your body in shape. Exercise includes playing any game which includes physical activity. The best exercise anyone can do is the morning walk or jogging / running in the morning. Going to the gym for muscle building can help you get six pack abs. Regular exercise can help you strengthen your body to fight against different diseases.